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Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Full Set of Freight Services makes Export & Import Easier

The Benefits you get:

Better Cost

We can negotiate a better rates & terms on your behalf due to the higher volume of containers we move.

One Contract Instead Of Multiply Contracts

to move your cargo internationally, you may possibly need to sign up with an air, sea or inland carrier or even all of them in addition to customs clearance, warehouse contracts which made you in attention with minimum three different contracts with three different companies, but with ICON LOGISTICS you are dealing with one company & one contract.

Free Your Mind

Get timely updates for every step on the way and free your mind for more business Rather than deal with several moving parts yourself, by hiring us you leave the details management. While you still have complete control over your shipments, knowing that your cargo transport is being handled by an expert.

you can always request a price quote using the form in this link :

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